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Boat Renovation

 Boat Renovation

A 1960's Glastron stripped to hull,
bottom already painted red and white.

We rebuild boats taking them down to the bare fiberglass.

New mounts for the seats.

Here is a picture story that starts after we painted the bottom of the hull red and white, and the top of the hull with primer.

Wet sanding the primer in
preparation for painting.

We have already installed new wooden seat mounts, coated in resin, when these pictures were taken.

Two-tone red and white paint scheme,
still in the paint booth.

We laid out the paint scheme on the hull in masking tape. The paint on the top and the bottom of the boat have to be coordinated in separate painting sessions.

Boat will stay in the paint booth a
while so it won't attract dust.

The paint is a three-layer system composed of a base coat and a clear coat, all over a primer. This type of paint gives the deepest gloss.

Refastening the trim.

The boat's owner lent a hand in this project, as you can see in the photos.

Reattaching the windshield.

This boat is over 40 years old, but the fiberglass is as solid as when it was new.

Remounting the engine,
which has been freshly painted.

We painted the motor to match the boat.

The floor and seat mounts
have been gelcoated.

We made new seat mounts to replace the rotten original mounts.

New seats in place.

New seats were made by a seat shop. This is as far as we took the boat. The owner will do the rest of the restoration.

This boat has many years of fun left in it!

The finished boat.