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Fiberglass Repair

 Damaged Fiberglass

A common area for a JetSki's
fiberglass to be damaged.

Hulls can need repair as a result of damage, delamination, or deterioration from water or sun exposure.

Cracks, holes, soft areas, and crushed fiberglass can be repaired or replaced extending the life of your boat many years.

Layers of fiberglass cloth and resin over
a damaged section of a JetSki's hull.

We can work wonders with damaged fiberglass. Before you conclude that your boat has seen its last day in the water, see us. It may have many years of life left in it!

 Fiberglass Repair

Filling over the cured cloth with
fibers saturated with resin.

Damage weakens fiberglass and its strength must be restored.

Smoothing the layer of fibers and resin.

Strength comes from woven fiberglass cloth. Broken pieces of original fiberglass are removed and the area is covered by layers of fiberglass cloth and resin to a thickness that restores the original strength.

Sculpting the final shape of the repair.

A smooth shape comes from fiberglass mat (non-woven fibers) and resin. Non-woven fibers can be sculpted into shapes that match the contours of the original fiberglass.

The cured fiberglass is sanded smooth and a gelcoat layer of resin applied.

The gelcoat is polished to a gloss, and if desired, painted.