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Beach Bottoms

 What is a Beach Bottom?

"Beach Bottoms" are a specialty at Starboard Marine. A Beach Bottom is the addition of a very hard, reinforced, abrasion resistant zone to the hull of a personal watercraft (PWC).

 What does it do?

Running a PWC onto a sand beach is almost like running it onto sandpaper -- it removes a thin layer of the hull every time you do it. A Beach Bottom's tough, abrasion resistant material is a super-hard resin and woven fiber sandwich that wears down much more slowly than the bare gel-coat of an unprotected PWC hull.

The Beach Bottom's abrasion resistant zone is located in the area of greatest force and friction when the PWC is beached under power at the end of a ride. It adheres so tightly to the hull that it does not peel from the original surface.

An old, worn Beach Bottom power-sanded
down to the base surface, and masked.

 Is it necessary?

All PWC rental services add Beach Bottoms to their PWCs to extend their lives. Without a Beach Bottom, the life of a rental PWC would be too short to be practical. In fact, the life of a PWC is shortened so much by beaching on sand that many PWC manufacturers will void the warranty the first time a PWC is run onto the beach.

We can add a Beach Bottom to extend the life of any PWC, whether it is a rental unit or personally owned.

The new Beach Bottom with some of the release paper still clinging.

 Will it last forever?

Over time, even a Beach Bottom becomes worn to the point that the original hull is again exposed. This will usually happen only under commercial use in which the PWC is beached many times every day.

Before this point, a new Beach Bottom can be added over the remains of the old one. This provides the PWC with a far longer lifetime than if the hull took the wear itself.

The Beach Bottom on a privately owned PWC might never wear to the point that it needs replacement. A rental PWC, on the other hand, may use two or more Beach Bottoms every year.